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Have you ever felt, that your life and space around is brimming with unuseful, ordinary things, which in addition do not please an eye or perform any other function that could save their position in your closest environment? Lets be honest: who hasn‘t! 

Ginius Products was born when we realized, that it was not only us, who have the problem with medicore things, sloppy quality and mass production. Today we need something opposite! And more and more people are getting to think this way. In the world, where we can have anything we want, each choice counts even more! We are here for you to make the best one! 

Our online platform is a place, where you get anything you want and need in your daily life. Among so many categories you will find the best selection of products, that you will never regret buying. Our aim is to offer you wide range of products – so you can enjoy quality, design and utility in every area of your life.


There is an individual behind every dream. And our dreams are great, because there are great women behind them. Julia Bingel and Cia Kleffmann, our founders and originators, they are people with their own vision how we should buy today. 

They have a giant background in terms of being a modern consumer and huge product expirience. These girls are definitely not lost in todays market! However they were still unsatisfied with what it has to offer for the avarage consumer with extraordinary needs. They decided to use their knowledge and create a space, where people could find not only things, but also a whole story about modern way of purchasing and perceiving shopping. 

They believe that building a better reality by choosing appropriate things is a kind of art. And there should be a place for art in everyone‘s life. Could it be done better than by including art in everyday shopping? Or even more: making your everyday purchasing an art? 

As you can see: only remarkable personalities can stand behind an original concept. And so they are. And so our lifestyle online shop is going to be!